who we are

We are hope. We are the means to a livelihood. We are YFC Rurka Kalan, a progressive Social organization. We are partners in a global campaign, which aims to restore the childhood of millions of children by means of care, protection, opportunities, participation and most significantly sports.

We are ambitious. We dream of an India where every child goes to school, is made available a decent education, health care and shelter. We wish to share our dreams - join hands with the government, te civil society and the corporate sector. "With India's demograpic dividend slated to be its most valuable asset; and YFC, in essence, being an organization dedicated to creating better opportunities for children and the youth (also having been founded and being run by the youth), also stands for "Youth for Change".

We visualize ourselves as partners in a national and global campaign to restore childhood to millions of children deprived of their basic needs.

We wish to share our dreams and join hands with the government, civil society, and corporate sector and with all those who wish to give something back to society.

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Registered Charity No.:DIC/JAL/45/2001