• To provide quality education to under privileged children with modern learning aids and scientific methods.
  • To provide talented children in football and other sports scientific coaching, diet, equipment and all other amenities, thereby enabling them to have careers as a professional sportsperson.
  • To provide atmosphere conducive to positive development of children by arranging regular cultural competitions, seminars, talks and debates which are incidental to their all around development.
  • To create awareness on environment protection; forming Eco-clubs with children and youth as members; taking initiatives to save environment by planting trees, arranging seminars, presentations and debates on the subject.
  • To provide Vocational education to youth thereby increasing their employability.
  • To provide counseling and guidance services including career counseling to rural youth.
  • To implement programs related to women empowerment, health, nutrition and education by working with gender focused community based organizations.
  • To ensure wider dissemination of participatory developmental approaches, methodologies and strategies for improving socio-economic status of disadvantaged strata of society throughout the country.
  • To mobilize resources by close coordination, liaison & linkages and establishing partnership with NGOs, INGOs, Government Organizations and other developmental agencies/institutes.

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