Awareness Campaigns

YFC, at regular intervals, launches campaigns to spread awareness and sensitize youth regarding the ill effects of drugs and diseases like AIDS etc. Such campaigns include plays, other cultural activities and contests.

Health Camps

YFC routinely organizes health camps like Breast Cancer Detection and Awareness and Free Eye Check Up and Operation Camps. Such camps witness hundreds of people of Rurka Kalan and nearby villages being checked up and if needed, operated upon. Spectacles, medicines and literature related to various prevalent diseases are also distributed.

Healthy Lifestyle and information on health issues through sports

YFC understands the importance that sports can have on issues relating to health. Sport plays this role directly and indirectly; directly by encouraging people to play and do physical exercise and indirectly by running awareness campaigns on the sidelines of the sporting events i.e. by organizing workshops on the ill effects of drugs and issues relating to diseases including diseases which have their genesis in wrong lifestyle choices. YFC has been very actively involved in both the direct as well as indirect components of sport impacting positively the health of the players and the community at large.

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