goals & vision

YFC’S goal is to empower underprivileged children and youth to have a sustainable lifestyle; and to positively channelize the energy of children, youth and disadvantaged strata of society in the direction of livelihood opportunities and healthy lifestyle.

We, at YFC, visualize ourselves as partners in a national and global campaign to restore childhood to millions of children deprived of their basic needs. We are committed to give them back their childhood in terms of care, protection and opportunities for participation and development.

We dream of an India where every child goes to school or is provided with decent alternative education and is also provided with health care and shelter. We wish to share our dreams and join hands with the government, civil society, and corporate sector and with all those who wish to give back to society.

It is also our vision to produce world class players and athletes and to this end YFC plans to set up a ‘Centre for Sporting Excellence’ where talent would be nurtured, given world class training and trainees will be prepared for excellence in sports at the highest level.

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